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Creative ABA offers ABA services to children with autism or related developmental disabilities
in and around Modesto, CA. Contact us if you have any questions or would
like to learn more about Creative ABA and how we can help your child reach their fullest potential.


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An Applied Behavior Analysis company providing therapy to adolescents through the arts.


Make it fun, keep it fun!

Alexis Winters-Nicol MA, BCBA

Alexis Winters-Nicol is a mom and Board Certified Behavior Analyst from California. She has worked as a Behavior Therapist for several years while earning her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University with a 4.0. Alexis fell in love with ABA because of the positive changes she saw it make and is currently working towards her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology so she is able to diagnosis.

Alexis not only brings her experience as a clinician designing programs and advocating in IEP’s, but as the kid receiving “therapy”. Alexis was diagnosed with Dyslexia in second grade and remembers what it felt like to learn different and be different.

“In some ways I see myself in every client and that is the fire that keeps me going. I’ll never forget when I was a 1:1 therapist and my client told me “I only come to school because of you”. That had a lasting impact on my life and heart.”

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